05 December 2007

Rapists heart Huckabee

Mike Huckabee's surging in the polls. His compassionate, caring spiel is apparently wowing them in the heartland. Very compassionate, Huckabee is. At least to killers and rapists.

In an effort to preempt scrutiny of the Dumond case, Huckabee has said that if the issue were to be raised during the '08 race, it would be because his rivals for the nomination feel threatened by his campaign. "Suddenly I seem to be in the cross hairs of every predator who is out there," Huckabee told reporters recently. "To me that seems to be a good sign of life."
Funny. I think the only ones in the "cross hairs of every predator who is out there" are the women who must worry who else Huckabee will fight and scrap, haggle and wrangle to free from prison.