23 January 2009

Evil Genie gets himself FOUR Technicals.

There's video above, FeedReader.

Wow. Just wow. Evil Genie is up to his Evil Ways at FAU it seems. I've never liked Mike Jarvis, so the delicious epicaricacy of seeing him falter at Mary Carey's alma mater* gave me a big chuckle this morning. Cops and everything!

But before that the game spun when Jarvis was called for four straight technicals. It turned out to be a 10-point swing, because ULM made 7 of the 8 free throws then got a rebound and scored a 3--point shot, so FAU;s 31-30 lead was suddenly a 40-31 deficit with 2 minutes left in the half, and while the Owls clawed and fought, they couldn't come back.
Definitely click through to the original post and see the fuzzy picture of the former CA gubernatorial candidate on the floor after the game. Surreal.

* That's Latin for Deep Throat, I think. Or fake rack. Something.


kari said...

Reading this in my feed was like trying to interpret a foreign language. Also, it reminded me of my brothers. Funny that growing up in a house full of sports (and I mean sports ALL THE TIME, both on TV, in reality, and in conversation) had no effect on me whatsoever. But thanks for the flashback :)

R.A. Porter said...

Well, let's not forget my obnoxious choice of the archaic "epicaricacy" over Schadenfreude. I'm trying to make it a thing. Bring the word back from the grave.

Mostly? Because it looks like epicure, and makes me think of tasting the irony. And? It's nerdy to bring back a word. :)