07 September 2009

Too Many Cooks, Week 5

Hey everyone, it’s Anaïs, bringing you the week 5 wrapup, and we’re getting close to the end of this cycle. How will our stories end? You’ll have to check in and see what the original authors of each story come up with.

  • Finkle, Out of Sorts I explored Finkle’s growing tensions at work as well as the antagonistic relationship with his mother, who appears to him in an especially insidious form. 
  • The Last Time I Saw Richard Matt learns about the ancient uses of perfumes and meets Richard’s lady Mary as he tries to figure out what has happened to his friend. 
  • The Letters of Rose Constance This week’s letter from Rose has a heartfelt plea for her beloved James to return home as soon as possible. Will he? The wrapup will tell us how it ends. 
  • Night Vision Gregory and Zoie finally make it to the hospital, growing closer as Zoie tries to hang on for medical attention. Will Zoie be okay? 
  • Limbs Akimbo Charlie’s story is going to take a major turn for the better. His parents set up his car so he can drive it again, with hand controls. Of course it won’t solve his issues or cure his PTSD or mend his broken heart, but it will be a start.