14 December 2006

Crappy, crappy week

Four years, almost to the day, since my sweet pup blew out the ACL on her right wheel...she's gone and blown out the left. This sucks. Recovery for her last time was slow and painful and sad - no running, no jumping, no sleeping in the bed, endless hours in her crate - and she was a juvenile then. This time, she's going to heal slower, not be able to rely on her "good" back leg to take so much of the load, and just generally be more unhappy. Damn her luck.

For the first time since we've been in PHX, the crate was put up and she was put in. Like a trooper, she got in with no complaints and spent the night. I slept on the couch to be next to her while the wife tossed and turned in empathy in the next room. This morning, a hobble out back and a quickly scarfed breakfast were followed by a half-hour of lying on the floor and giving my face the slobbering Dino-treatment. I'm not the best Doggy Daddy, but today she thought I was.

In a few hours, she and her moms will meet the orthopedic surgeon. If all goes well - Parker and Lori both like the doc - the slice and dice will be scheduled as quickly as possible. We already know what recovery's going to be like for all three of us; best to get started on it as soon as possible.