31 December 2008

Me Elsewhere

This damn Archeopteryx Flu is still dragging me down, but I think I've got my head just barely above the surface. Enough to get a little oxygen in between the fits of coughing at least. Activity here on the mothership has gone down a bit, but I'm still busy elsewhere:

  • Over on DreamLoom, there are reviews aplenty, and sometime later today will be our Year End Worst-of list.
  • Friday Night Sketch War has been moved to its own Home on the Web. Come on over and keep an eye on the goings on. I promise we'll get more competitors this year.
  • Don't think I've forgotten about Charlie Jade, either. Over at Charlie Jade Verse, the first of our podcasts of that great, lamented show is up. We'll be doing a handful more, analyzing the show in such great detail you'll all suspect I'm on the spectrum.
  • And of course I continue to tell dick jokes at 140 characters each on Twitter.
I realize as the broadcast networks diminish in power and reach, a vacuum is created, which vacuum can be filled by personal brands, so I'm going to be working on building that over the next year.1 Be sure to keep an eye out here - and everywhere in my burgeoning entertainment empire - for all the excitement. And next year, maybe I'll put together a video with your favorite stars telling you how much you'll love me.

There's video above, FeedReader.

1 Please note I don't mean like some SEO/Internet Marketing dickwad. I mean like a person with actual skills and talents.


2old4this said...

Ah, I was getting worried there for a bit.
Glad you're feeling a little better, get well soon.
Hope you're well enough to enjoy New Year at least a little bit (a little spiked egg nog without the egg nog should do you some good).