05 April 2009

Nickelback's Biggest Fans

I'm such a prick sometimes.* Monday's prompt at 100 Word Stories was a lyric from a Nickelback song. So...

Pink shirts. Popped collars. Faux hawks. Chad, Rick, and Other Chad looked like page 63 of the Abercrombie catalog strutting through the door. Other Chad surveyed the room over the top of his Revos.

Sidling to the bar, Rick barked, "Three Johnny Walker Blues."

The bartender opened his mouth, then reconsidered. He poured three from the bottom shelf. "That'll be ninety."

Rick floated a hundy to the bar. "Keep it."

Hours later, his brahs collapsed in pools of their own vomit, Other Chad swayed to Nickelback, one hand on the jukebox for balance. The bartender wiped down and muttered, "Douchebags."

* For very large values of "sometimes".


Angela said...

And here I thought I was the only one who hated Nickelback.

R.A. Porter said...

Can't they take away your free medical care and weekly allotment of maple syrup for that sentiment?