15 August 2009

Too Many Cooks, Week 2

In keeping with our rotating writers theme, this wrapup was written by Jay, who is currently following me. Poor guy has to try to make sense of the insane scribblings I leave behind on each story!

And now it’s gotten interesting. The rotation has started, each author tackling the story of the person who posted before them, and trying to maintain a balance between continuing the original narrative and trying to bring something of one’s own to it. The results:
  • Finkle, Out Of Sorts: I (hopefully) gave us a slightly deeper look into our Mr. Finkle’s life, and added a little conflict to the story to boot. What will happen next? Paulos will have to tell us.
  • The Last Time I Saw Richard: Paulos did a great job of taking my story to the next stage, getting Richard and our nameless narrator out the door and to a very interesting place to have a drink. What happens next is up to Maria.
  • The Letters of Rose Constance: Maria’s follow-up deepened story and character, taking our most open-ended story and pointing it towards all sorts of interesting possibilities. Whose soldiers have come to the door? What happened to the children? Will Rose ever play the piano again? Anaïs has an interesting road ahead.
  • Night Vision: Anaïs’ nipple-hardening follow-up to Maria’s first chapter was a joy to read, and left us all wanting more. And she’s right: there is no kiss better than a kiss at 19. Coyotesqrl will have an interesting time following that kiss up next Thursday.
  • Limbs Akimbo: Coyotesqrl’s character work was great here, and built admirably on what Anaïs began, ending with a lovely moment between Charlie and his mother. I’m looking forward to seeing where this sparks my imagination over the coming week.
So we made it through week 2, and now week 3 lies ahead. Where will the stories go next? Is Roswell’s just another trendy New York night spot, or does it hold a deeper secret? What—if anything—lies beyond Alan Finkle’s front door? What secrets are Charlie and Rose hiding? Where will Zoie and Gregory’s running feet take them next? The answers lie in wait … but what they are, only the authors know …