09 August 2009

Um, buy my shirt?

I rehabilitated a snowclone a couple of weeks back. What? English. Can you speak English?

Sorry. I took an extremely cliché joke template and used it in a way that is fresh, doesn't appear to have ever been used before, and I believe is pretty damn funny. I liked this joke so much, I decided I wanted a t-shirt with the joke on it so I drew a (not very good) picture to go with it and designed a shirt at Zazzle.

Then I wondered, "Why should I be the only one sporting this fine design and joke? I shouldn't right?" Y'all are definitely going to want one, or maybe a coffee mug. Yeah. Anyway, take a look.

This most likely won't be the last thing I design to sell at Zazzle; it's just so damn easy and I amuse myself, if no one else.