15 May 2006

I hate Tomcat

Configuration of a lightweight container should be relatively easy. I mean, it's not like there's all that much "there" there. I used to be able to get a new distro of WebLogic or JBoss up and running (you know, usefully, with applications deployed) within a day or so. I spent the last three hours trying to get Tomcat correctly configured based on their VERY shoddy documentation (and without the configuration files from work which would have made life easy) and finally gave up in frustration. Well, I gave up 'cause I'm tired and wanted to play poker, but it was still pretty frustrating.

At this point in its product lifecycle, Tomcat should be easy enough for my moms to setup. That t'ain't the case.

Hell, I got MySQL up and running on my touchy 64-bit Redhat kernel and was using it productively inside of an hour and a half. The day a servlet container (and no, I won't call Tomcat an application server) takes longer than an RDBMS to get running is the day they need to consider hiring tech writers.


Mark Pope said...

I know Hani Suleiman and you sir, are no Hani Suleiman.