24 May 2006

Unfocused, Wandering, Restless

It's been a hellacious week. Started on Sunday with a massive data/code migration and has just kept going, and going, and going. At least I've almost gotten out from under the deluge of bugs. This morning the undertow pulled me back in a couple of times, but I believe I've gotten through the worst of it. That means I need to dive into a complete overhaul of a huge chunk of my app.

Mmm...tasty prospect. Clearly, as I'm writing an even less-than-usual inconsequential, meaningless, meandering posting, I have no interest in getting started on this onerous task. It probably didn't help that I came in today expecting to tackle it first thing...and then had to fix two more of my bugs. What was going to be a morning prototype has now turned into an afternoon nightmare.

So, I blather and bloviate


Mark Pope said...

Wanna come back to ISO. It's only 85 degrees here.