02 August 2008

Buffy the Animated Slayer

There's video above, FeedReader
Wow. Woulda been good. Sadly, now it would have to be done without SMG, I suspect. Even in voice-form only, I don't think she wants Buffy dangling around her neck (with a miniature cross dangling about hers) any more.

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Tosy And Cosh said...

It was done without Gellar then too, though, right? That's not her. Also - how big of a geek does it make me that the cartoon has her significantly more "super-powered" than the show (higher jumps, more strength, etc.) I know it's just because you can do that stuff in a cartoon more easily, but still.

R.A. Porter said...

I'm torn whether I think the extra power is good or bad. I think for the hyperkineticism of a 'toon it's more appropriate. It's fun to watch Mario bounce off walls and it's fun to watch the slayer jump 20 feet in the air.

As long as they were semi-consistent with their physics I think I'd prefer it.