16 August 2008

Tiny Terrors, but Funny

I'm not a fan of children. I've no interest in having my own and you can imagine how that bodes for my interest in *other* people's. However, twice in the last two days, I've been amused by amateur videos featuring kids.

Yesterday, it was a Star Wars VII sequel an enterprising guy made with his two very little children. That's right below.

The children are too young, but the video is funny nonetheless. I especially find it humorous when little Noah tries an evil laugh. Failed evil laughs are always funny (ie: Dr. Horrible.)

Then just a few minutes ago I saw Bully had posted this awesome shot-for-shot of the trailer from The Dark Knight.

Excellent stuff. I might not like kids, and their sticky-jammy fingers and snotty noses might disgust me, but if people make good funny videos with them, I'm not going to object.