24 August 2008

Friday Night Sketch War: Back to School Edition

We've been ambushed! Michael gave us this week's theme and we set about sharpening our bayonets and targeting our rockets and seducing our Rockettes. Before either of us (or David, still bone-weary from last week's beatdown) could get in a shot, our newest and boldest battler launched a salvo!

David might still throw a last-minute grenade in this week, but all he's going to pick off are the nurses and medical corpsmen tending the wounded at this point. But next week, we could have a four-man or even five-man battle royale! Hell, it could be more if anyone else feels brave and bold enough to join in. The theme for next week was selected by Ken, our newest warrior: gatherings.

If you want to try your luck, email your sketch, or a link to where it's posted to sketchwar AT dreamloom.com by midnight on Friday.

We've got the sad truth of NCLB, the Softer Side of Sears, and a typical day in a rust belt city this week. Lots of good stuff.