23 October 2008

How You Can Help End the Problem of Blogs With Great Content and No Readers

I've been doing this blog for awhile now, closing in on two and a half years, and just can't get any traction. It's very frustrating, especially as I launched DreamLoom just a few weeks ago and it's doing comparable daily traffic already. So my focused, TV-only blog on which no one else's posts have appeared yet (they're coming soon, I swear) is both a balm and bane to me. Makes me happy it's doing well; irritates me I can't get traffic here.

Part of the problem is the very randomness that I strive for here, of course. The only consistent postings here are for Friday Night Sketch War, like clockwork every week. Otherwise, I might put up three funny videos one week and write twelve political pieces another. One week all you might see is my sketch and another I might have six rants about dumb people. Inconsistent.

Still, this is my home on the web. I've even resisted the temptation to move it off Blogger or redirect to its own domain. I keep plugging away and attracting one or two new readers at about the same pace I piss off one or two readers. But that's okay. When my satellite is in orbit with the death ray, you'll all be sorry!

Anyway, I'm going to try being a wee bit more proactive. To that end, I'm going to try this blog-mob (blog-swarm?) idea from Chuck Westbrook. I'll go ahead and add one more blog to my packed dance card to read each two weeks and do my best to comment, promote, and stay around if I like what I see. In exchange of course, I'll hope my little place bubbles up to the front of the queue and the blog-gang (blog-legion?) jumps on board for two weeks with glee. Hopefully some of them will like what *they* see and stick around.

Also, dudes...if you come here semi-regularly you should be telling everyone and their mothers about the *awesome* content!