22 October 2008

The Protocols of Pulp

Jaysus! And this is why so many SF writers *deserve* the goddamn ghetto they find themselves in.

The Time Traveler’s Wife isn’t the kind of book I normally read. It’s a bestseller (an "international bestseller" according to the cover of my edition), a romance, and it’s SF written by someone who doesn’t read SF and doesn’t know SF-writing protocols. I read it because people I knew really liked it, and because libraries exist to let people try books with no strings. I got my own copy because I knew I’d want to read it again. It’s a strange book, but really powerful.
(Emphasis mine.) Really, that's great. It wasn't written by a genre hack, using some formula that was hoary back when John W. Campbell had a no-aliens policy. So happy you decided to lower yourself to read SF that wasn't up to your usual standards.

Borders? You seem to be making smart choices lately. I wouldn't waste space stocking Jo Walton and her blindered ilk either.