01 October 2008

Live Blogging the VP Debate

I'm still pimping the new site. Just imagine, with a readership as puny as this one that's taken me a couple of years to build up, how *hard* it is to build up readership in a brand new, single-topic site. With little content. Where we've been up for only three days.

And yet...

Last night's liveblog of The Shield - which you can go and replay should you care to see it - was technically smooth. It was my first time doing more than a five-minute test with the software, and I had remarkably few issues with it. Load, we did not have. High-volume traffic, we did not have. Me and Michael, we had.

So, with a bit more headsup on a more generally interesting subject, Thursday night at 9pm EDT we're going to be liveblogging the Vice Presidential debate. There will be politics discussed, there's just no way to avoid that, but by and large this will be about the theater of the debate and less about substance (although every time either candidate avoids answering a question with empty sound bites, we'll be sure to pounce.) I'm not sure who from DreamLoom is going to be on board, but I'd certainly like to have some visitors join this time.

If you're interested - and I hope you are - come on over to the site. Here's a direct link to the liveblog post.

And when you're there, be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed, or subscribe for updates by email. I promise there's a lot more content coming soon.