24 July 2007

iPhone DOS Attack

I'd not heard of this little kerfuffle with Duke's wireless network until this evening...about 10 minutes after the new boss (nothing like the old boss) had left the building with her shiny new iPhone. Those poor saps running on our wireless router were down for the count. That's the third or fourth time this week it's happened...right around the time bosslady comes or goes.

Wow. As if my daily Mac experiences weren't enough to make me wish ill on Steve Jobs. This guy doesn't just make Gates look good, he makes Ballmer look good. Oh yeah, but his toys are so pretty. They work like crap, but they're pretty.

Apple: The runway model of computers.

By the way: please remind me to get a job as a "principal analyst" at InStat like David Chamberlain. He seems to understand how networks well about as the ad wizards at Apple.

"How [could] those [150 iPhones] overwhelm a network when there are probably hundreds of students downloading pirated movies from BitTorrent every night?" he said. "Just because iPhones were added recently does not mean they were responsible for the network problems. It's just something that coincidentally happened a short time before the network troubles."
My god, I just realized...if this is really a problem and not misanalysis from the Dukies...wireless networks networks nationwide are in danger! Tattoo parlors, Starbucks, BERET SHOPS! The humanity!

Update: Thanks to SteveC for forwarding me this link from Duke. Apparently it's not the iPhones. I still think they're clunky status symbols. And this from a guy who bought a RAZR when it was first available.