20 July 2007

Sitcom Room, Night 0

That's right. I'm here in L.A. for Ken Levine's Sitcom Room. Figured I've got the laptop, I've got the wireless, I've got the means and motive...what the hell, I'll try to blog about it.

This is Night -1. Or, I guess it could be Night 0. It really depends on how you want to count it out. Let's go with Zero. Must tell1 you about my day.

It sucked. Frickin' Southwest canceled our flight and didn't bother to use the contact information they had to notify us. Since it didn't occur to us to check on its status before heading out to the airport - sunny day in PHX, flying to sunnier LA - we ended up getting bumped to a later flight, pushed back to B-group, and generally pissed off. Shoulda taken the batmobile on its new wheels instead. Would have been more fun, and could have stopped off in the desert on the way home to shoe shop. Alas.

Anyway, I'm about to call it a night here in room 1614, or as I'm calling it Hymen's Triumph2 after Samuel Daniel's magnificent play of that fateful year. I find that the easiest way to remember your hotel room is to recall a great event or artistic achievement of that year. 1614 was too obvious. Who can't relate to Daniel's masterpiece?3

I'll try to blog at least once tomorrow and once on Sunday, but as I said over on Ken's blog, I'm not sure this isn't a clever ruse to rustle up some cheap (read: slave) labor to ship overseas for a sitcom sweat shop. If I survive, I'll blog.

1 Did anyone catch that, or was that joke just for me? Sometimes, I feel like a fiddler...on a roof.
2 Seriously, if the Hymen triumphs, you're not doing it right. And you'll never live it down.
3 Um, yeah. If you think I even know who the hell Samuel Daniel was, let alone knew about this play, you're crazier than I am. I was hoping there'd be a Bacon or Shakespeare play attributed in that year, though I guess I could have gone with the Cervantes poem. Thanks, Wikipedia!