17 July 2007

Why Steve Jobs is a bigger D-Bag than Bill Gates

Funny, all those Java troubles between Microsoft and Sun, and yet I never once had to uninstall a version of Java after installing a Windows update. Not only that, but the process messed up my Java 5 installation which I just had to update. Add to that the fact that the tools at Apple haven't managed to get a production Java 6 out yet, a year after it was available on every other OS, while Sun's got Java 7 ready for early access.

I'm really trying hard not to just run Parallels and do all my development (and really, everything else) in Windows. There are a few things I like about the Mac, but it is starting to piss me off.

But I'm super happy my Quicktime installation got updated. I mean, I must run Quicktime at least once a...never. Fucking Macs.