22 July 2007

Morning 2, or is it Night 1 Neverending?

Ouch. I was off the grid most of the day yesterday in a conference room without wireless. That's probably all for the best, as my team was hard at work putting together the bestest episode of Jolly Happy Father with too Skinny Wife ever! I can't say much about the process because every time I start to type anything about it my captors friendly assistants hired by Ken and Dan poke me with a rifle pencil and suggest I move on.

Suffice it to say, I think the hours the five of us (and the other three teams of five) spent in our writers' room were a fantastic learning experience. We got in the room around, I don't know, maybe 2pm and out around 4:30am. I have to say, being a software engineer with long experience with 18- and 36-hour shifts helped a lot. Especially when I got the call twenty minutes ago saying the email from my teammate with the files never showed up in Ken's in-box. A good two-hour sleep was plenty for me to grab the copies I fortunately had on my laptop and resend them. And it gave me an excuse to wake up a little earlier to blog for you, fair readers, before heading off for a quick workout.*

Trust me. If you'd ever spent a night writing server code with my friend Scott, this would have been a cakewalk. True the dartboard was missing for a healthy distraction, but Ken and Dan don't yell like Cujo.

The actors did a yeoman's job yesterday with Ken's *ahem* masterfully written scene. I hope they have fun with the four scenes they'll be playing this morning. We'll find out in a few short hours!

* Lest anyone think I'm fit, or some kind of workout fanatic...I'm going to need the exercise to get energized for another full day (and hopefully not night) of work. I'm acting tough, but I'm not a kid anymore!