07 September 2008

Friday Night Sketch War: Funeral Edition

Last week's reunion special got me a bit melancholy, thinking about the ultimate reunion. When all your friends and family (or, in my case, a county official and anonymous creamatorium worker) get together to celebrate who you were and how you lived. Brings a tear to my eye. A tear, because a cinder from your remains got in my eye!

This week's challenge sees four warriors (once David stopped washing his damn hair) on the field of battle.

  • Coyote spied on a lackey's funeral...
  • Michael sent a ghost to do his bidding...
  • Ken sold me a new coffin...
  • David made a [adjective] [noun] of death.
Next week's topic is selected by Michael: change. Same call for sketches as always...if you wanna show us the funny, email sketchwar_AT_dreamloom.com.