25 September 2008

Save us from a sound economy, John!

Well, thank G-d for John Sidney. What would we do without him and his immense self-sacrifice. Like a martyr before the lions, John Sidney is willing to throw it all away for the good of the nation in this time of crisis.

Unlike that selfish d-bag James Madison who ran during the War of 1812.

Just look at him. All smug in his powdered wig. Little Jemmy Madison didn't love his country like John Sidney.

Or how about this anti-American hater of all that is good?

Makes me sick, just thinking about that commie-pinko campaigning, hell managing his own campaign, during the Civil War.

If only they could all be American heroes like John Sidney.


Jared said...

I bet those bastards wouldn't have canceled their appearances on Letterman either. So selfish.

R.A. Porter said...

Damn skippy! They would have gone on Letterman and not jumped over to Katie Couric for an interview when they were "rushing" back to Washington.

2old4this said...

Yeah, point taken.

But I'm really not sure it's just a political stunt. I figure it's 50/50 McCain is serious.

Gotta admit, when I first heard the Obamessiah's comment "if you need me, call me," I thought "well that's hardly what one could call leadership." But then I realized that the statement was actually a pretty realistic assessment of the uselessness of senators, and made more sense.

R.A. Porter said...

My guess is that for the campaign staff, it's complete politics. Get him "off the road", delay debates, and maybe, if they're really lucky and work hard at it, cancel Palin's debate.

For John Sidney, who holds himself in such high regard, he probably thinks he's going to save us all by rushing to DC.