29 September 2008

Launching a new Website

Ah no. Y'all aren't getting rid of this place that easily. This blog, with its haphazard mix of politics, humor, snark, and bile will remain exactly the way it is. But, with the maybe-demise of Pop Critics, I needed a place to write about television. And I want a huge audience. Like millions, baby. So please click on over to dream loom. It's raw and unpolished and doesn't have but two posts right now, but I'm looking to bring on a bunch of fellow writers and do some really interesting and innovative things to make it a much better user experience than so many other television sites. So come on over, take a look around, and be sure to read the welcome post and leave your comments. Thanks!


2old4this said...

Well, you, um, may want to, you know, fill in your, ah, About description, you know, just a little, um, better.

R.A. Porter said...

Yeah. I'm aware it's a bit...yeah. :)