11 March 2009

100 Word Stories

A Twitter friend writes for a site, 100 Word Stories, where each contributor crafts a 100-word story on daily prompts. Y'all know I like *short*, so here are some pieces I've written in reaction to the prompts from the past two days:

What makes this garden unique?
The roses glisten with morning dew. The old woman tends them diligently, rising each day with the sun to unkink and unbend and fight rigor nocturnis.

Franny watches from her bus stop. Despite her mother's warnings, she is drawn to the roses that throb red and orange and lavender.

The old woman has prepared the rich brown earth, soil spilling gently into the fresh hole. All that waits is the blade, sharp and slender, to cut the beating heart from Franny's chest.

The roses glisten with morning dew. Today a new bush grows, flowers pink like a young girl's lips.

* * *
If I only had a...
Gale opened her eyes and watched the room spin. Since the apocalypse she'd gotten better at mixing pharma and this was her best mashup yet.

Mr. T was jittery. The Akita's muscles bunched as he paced. Gale's aunt still slept, unaware of her technicolor trip.

Strong winds rocked the house on its foundations, threatening to pull it free. The door flew open and a ragged man-shaped creature stumbled in.

"If I only had a BRAIN!"

Gale's gun blazed; the zombie's head splattered.

"Goddamn it, Gale! Lay off the junk before you get us both killed."

Guess Auntie Em was awake.