14 March 2009

Obama Misunderstands Definition of "Transparent"

I voted for the guy knowing what to expect: a typical Chicago machine pol. I'm pissed about this, but not surprised. Business as usual in DC.

The White House this week declared (.pdf) the text of the proposed treaty a "properly classified" national security secret, in rejecting a Freedom of Information Act request by Knowledge Ecology International.
But people shouldn't get too upset over it. I mean, the Clydesdales at Budweiser get to take a shit on the document to grant it their approval.

I would feel worse for the Obamamaniacs who put their life on hold and worked on his campaign. But sadly, I think they've already drunk so much of the Kool-Aid they'll be able to spin this in their sleep. I mean after all, if Obama *says* it's for national security, it *must* be for national security. He's so smart and super-cute, he'll protect us.