16 March 2009

Time Travel Wrapup

Oy. I’m getting worse, not better! This time, four sketches have been posted before I got around to the wrapup for last week. I think I need to be a bit more proactive about these!

Seven sketches and one not-a-sketch from Dave rounded out last week’s battle.
Next week our brave sketch warriors will be back writing sketches for SNL Characters. (Of course when I say “next week”, I mean right now. Check them out. There’s some good opening salvos.)
And remember, if you think you’ve got the comedy chops to do battle with our scarred and bitter warriors, if you dare step into the hailstorm of seltzer and cream pies, if you think you’re MAN ENOUGH or WOMAN ENOUGH to make us laugh, write a sketch and contact us at submissions(nospam)@sketchwar.org.