11 March 2009

Mr. Wizard on Watchmen

Very old friend Michele asks...

What did you think of Watchmen? You had so much about it beforehand yet nada about your opinion. So unlike you not to voice an opinion. *grin*
Well, I contributed to its box office take on Sunday, with two tickets I bought for me and TheWife. But did I mention the various flus, sinus infections, and bouts of food poisoning running through Casa Wizard? No? Aha. You see, tickets were NOT used; Mr. Wizard has NOT seen Watchmen.

I'd feel really bad about this, but...
  • Malin Akerman is hot, but from trailers seems to be an even worse actress than Eliza Dushku
  • Matthew Goode is, um, nothing like Robert Redford, on whom Ozymandias was modeled. He looks like the sort of boy/man who is appealing to pre-teen girls and heroin addicts. Plus that constant smirk on his face? Like he ripped a fart and got away with it?
  • I accidentally downloaded some Smurf porn last week, so I've had my fill of Blue Penis for the nonce.
I will get around to seeing it, either in its run on an IMax screen or when it comes out on DVD. As much as I waited and watched and hoped, my expectations shrank asymptotically as we approached opening day.


Michele / akkasha said...

Hey. I am not that old. Year older than you. *grin*

Sorry to hear that you were sick. That is the worst. I hope you have shaken the crud.

I understand all the points you made.

I think Rorschach & The Comedian were more critical in terms of needing to have interest. Ozymandias always struck me as sorta slick, but no substance. I didn't get the Redford thing from him in the graphic novel.

And honestly, I didn't pay any attention to the blue penis even in IMAX. Too much else of interest to fret about that. But then I am a gal. And we pay less attention than you guys do to that in general. *laugh*

And Silk Spectre II was never the great point of interest. I think the women were always pretty flat in the original. I don't think much of Malin Akerman. I thought Carla Gugino as the young Silk Spectre I was far more decorative. Then again, a lot can be said for redheads with 40s pinup hairdos. *grin*

Hope you get to see it. I will be curious what you think.