09 October 2006


You know that guy at work? The deadwood nobody likes, who - when he bothers to do anything - causes more work for everyone else, anyway? The weasely guy they just won't fire? Odds are you know this guy. (Hopefully, you aren't this guy.)

He's probably been to a shrink a few times and been diagnosed with some sort of disorder that protects him from being canned. Or he's got dirt on the boss. Or maybe he was just so highly praised when he was hired that no one can fire him now or risk losing face.

In New York, they call this guy "Alex Rodriguez".

And, just like at your job, eventually the best employee(1) gives up and walks. Or ends up getting fired for not helping the overpaid, underperforming star live up to his potential. Makes me sick, personally. It gets wearying carrying the load for the lazy, ignorant, or congenitally retarded. I guess it's just my fault for not being nurturing and caring enough.

The new excuse is that Cap should have stepped up and massaged A-Rod's ego, taken a few media bullets for him, and generally made life easier for him. What's missed in this discussion is all the effort spent in the clubhouse getting everyone else to step up and carry the load for the deadwood. That takes a lot of time.

1 I'm not looking for a statwar defending or impugning Derek Jeter. One may rightfully argue that he is not the best player in pinstripes. One may argue that A-Rod was a far superior fielding SS (though I'd be surprised if someone defended him at 3B.) What Jeter is, is a clutch player who doesn't whine, bitch, cry, or fold under pressure. Alex Rodriguez creates drama, yet somehow manages to underperform at every opportunity.