13 October 2006

Tom DeLay's Golden Touch

Let's all recall that our good buddy Tom DeLay pressed his supporters to vote for Sara Evans on "Dancing with the Stars". "Sara Evans has been a strong supporter of the Republican Party and represents good American values in the media."

Yep. These are Tom DeLay's idea of "good American values": corruption, hypocrisy, and spousal abuse. Wait. That wasn't clear. Tom's corrupt. Sara and her husband represent the hypocrisy and spousal abuse portions of the values plank.


Brian B. said...

Odd, she seems to be the victim here.
Are you saying that victims of spousal abuse are themselves corrupt?
Is that especially if they attempt to divorce or in spite of it?

R.A. Porter said...

See, I knew I wasn't clear. :)

TD is corrupt; the Evans are the "family values" representatives. If the allegations are true, she is a victim, but her family still represents the dark underbelly of America...and very specifically represents the hypocrisy of Christian America.

'Cause here's hubby's gig, making America safe from sec'lar hyum'nists. He failed in his '02 run for Congress, but he's still front and center in the fight to make America a theocracy.

Angela said...

Awww, what a pretty looking couple. Look at those pretty smiles and her pretty yellow dress.

They seem happy to me!

My word verif is ODCSU.

Old Dirty Crooks SUck?

Brian B. said...

Nope, still gotta find out what SARA is all about, not her husband.
I did just a tiny bit of searching, but just came up with divorce and music stuff.
Besides, TD did say "values in the media" not "at home."
Just splittin' some hairs there, what the hell.

R.A. Porter said...

That's true. He did focus on media values. To hammer my point, though, that's the hypocrisy I see from the values folk. As long as it *looks* upright, and *talks* upright, they don't seem to care what the reality is.

Of course, she may be a perfectly lovely woman who just has poor taste in men, I'll grant you that.