01 October 2006

Monkey Business

I do loves me Netflix. As long as you keep the movies churning through the mail fast enough (we don't) the per-movie cost is so low that it's easy to rent something you might otherwise not have considered. Case in point: Curious George. Our expectations were pretty low. The movie hadn't done well at the BO, and unlike a lot of people, I think Will Ferrell's pretty hit-or-miss. Add in the fact that it's a straight-up kids movie and the odds were high the enjoyment would be low.

Well color me yellow. Ferrell kept his schtick under control, the ever bubbly Drew Barrymore did a great job as The Man in the Yellow Hat's romantic interest, and George was as cute and charming as Margret and H.A. Rey's original little imp. Alright, so I've got a soft spot for monkeys. Oh, and David Cross rocked it as the pictured Junior Bloomsberry.

I caught a grand total of one slightly risque joke for those who require their entendres be doubled. Mind you, it wasn't very blue, but it did give me a chuckle. Curious George lives in a world of sincerity and innocence, so he's certainly not for detatched hipsters. They may wear t-shirts bearing his visage for ironic effect, but they won't sit through 88 minutes of crisp, clean animation. Sad, really. George would certainly welcome them if they wanted to join.


Angela said...

David Cross rocks my socks off, loooved Mr. Show. Oh how I miss Bob and David...(sigh).

My word verif is "kxvbo"...I'm at a loss here, so I'll go with the acronym for "Kelly's X-rated Vaginal Body Odor".