05 October 2006

Have we learned nothing from Veronica Mars? Don't arm the janitor!

I guess not everyone from the upper midwest is grounded. In Wisconsin, State Rep. Frank Lasee, R-Bellevue "said Wednesday that arming teachers and school staff would discourage gunmen from entering schools." To clarify, he included janitors in that "school staff" grouping during an interview currently streaming on CNN.com.

Apparently, they grow 'em even crazier than Eddie Gein up in the tundra.

Of course, I like the subtle anti-semitism (maybe I'm reading between the lines) of this quote: "I think if the Israelis can do it safely, the sensible people in the Midwest can do it". Alright, maybe I'm just too sensitive. He probably didn't mean that Midwestern folk are more sensible than them cwaaaazy Jews. Plus, they all have required military service just like the Israelis, right?