26 September 2007

Dreary Woman

There's video above, FeedReader
This new season sucks. Bionic Woman was k-rap. Alright, maybe I shouldn't judge everything on a show I already knew would suck. After all, Reaper rocked, people say Chuck was good, and I'm really looking forward to Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money.

But 'sblood!!! Bionic Woman was awful. It's hard to put it out of my head right now. Hence the real Jaime Summers above to cleanse the palette.


Anonymous said...

I was tempted by Bionic Woman before seeing the previews and reading about it. It looks like it would *suck*. Something awful! Glad to hear my instincts weren't wrong.

I read an article that the person creating the series wanted it to be nothing like the original. Then why do a remake of the show?!! *groan* Also, the first bionic woman fighting the second one. Right in the pilot?! I mean, isn't the jumping the shark in the pilot itself? *shudders*

Reaper was better than I anticipated! It helps that Kevin Smith was working on it. *grin* I hope it remains funny.

I am also looking forward to Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money. Hoping they are good.


Anonymous said...

P.S. The built in comments aren't working with Foxfire. I had to go into IE. And with IE, it is popping up the old blogger comments. Just thought you should know.