19 September 2007

Get off my lawn, you schmendrick!

Kids these days. That's what "Marvin Marks, the retired furniture store owner" from Dallas was saying the other day between bites of blintz. The 86-year-old gentleman from Dallas was mistakenly suspected of being involved in the accidental discharge of a concealed weapon during Temple Emanu-El's New Year's services last week. I say mistakenly, because it was actually his equivalently named doppelganger, Marvin Marks.

In person of course, no one could mistake the strapping 81-year-old former police officer for his elder, but apparently some early news reports failed to indicate his extreme youth - a fact that should have easily been inferred from the nature of the accident. What mature, wise man of the world like Marvin Marks, 86 of Dallas would bring a gun into temple? None of course. Only a reckless youth like Marvin Marks, 81 of Dallas would be so brazen.

via a thoughtful commenter on Ken Levine's blog.