01 November 2007

Artistes are Emotional

Just because I'm in a shitty mood this evening, I think I'm going to take a few swings at Doug Wood of the law firm Reed Smith. For some reason known only to Gary Gentile1, he gets quoted in this article about the WGA strike.

"The industry negotiates form [sic] logic, and the creative community negotiates from emotion," he said. "Trying to understand those differences on both sides of the table is a big challenge in any of these negotiations."
I'm supposed to believe Doug Wood, esq.'s opinion is worth more than anyone else's. I mean, Gary-baby closed his piece with it, right?

So if I got this right, the writers - the creative types - are a bunch of weepy sallys who think with their hearts, unlike the cool, calculating machines running the studios. The ones with talent, the ones who have degrees in emotional fields such as computer science, physics, and mathematics operate on "emotion". Unlike the coke-sniffing, trust-fund burnouts who "studied" communications and landed jobs as development execs who operate on "logic".

Or, perhaps like the drunken pieces of pigshit that 99 44100% of lawyers are.2 What the fuck do you think with, Doug? Your mottled, engorged liver or your mottled, shriveled dick? Fuck you, douchebag. You want logic? How about: labor wants to get paid for its efforts instead of fucked over payments. Do you understand that, or is it too complicated for your tiny little monkey brain?

Nothing is fucking worth less than a worthless lawyer. Oh wait...there's still studio management.

"Oh, poor us. You'll need to give us time to figure out if there's is any way at all we can make money off this confusing series of pipes."

Well bitches, if there's no money in it, you won't mind changing that DVD formula and applying it to new media, right? I mean, if there's no money in it for you, just offer to give all that money to the "emotional" creative-types.

I hate that the writers had to strike. It wounds me deeply. I'd say it wounds me personally, but I'm several years out (if ever) from breaking in.3 However, if strike they must, I hope they bankrupt the entertainment divisions of these multinationals and those fuckers sell off the studios at pennies on the dollar. Let Hollywood be run by movie people again.

1 Really? Gentile? You want to go with that name? Do I really need to say what I'm thinking?
2 It should be noted that TheWife is neither a drunk, nor a piece of pigshit. She is one of the 56100%.
3 And after this diatribe I may never be able to break in.