03 November 2007

He literally jumped a shark

The "Tempo staff"* at the Chigago Tribune have compiled a list of the 25 worst TV shows of all time. I could go through this item by item and point out how the staff is right or wrong to include a show on the list, but there's little point. Such lists are subjective anyway.

However, I do have to point out their serious lack of understanding of TV history. In discussing Joanie Loves Chachi - truly deserving of list-membership - they say "Scott Baio's addition to Happy Days was a classic jump-the-shark moment". No. See, when Fonz jumped the frakin' shark, that was when they jumped the shark!!!

* "Tempo staff"? What the hell is that? The interns who normally do donut runs get to put out an advertising supplement-slash-weekend entertainment guide? Of is that the Trib's TV Guide section?