05 November 2007

ID Testing, redux

For those of you who've never looked at the GData api for Blogger, I envy you. It is a poorly documented beyatch. Hence, all the fits and starts here with comments on, comments off, comments disappearing, etc. Jon Fox over at ID is probably going to end up institutionalized by the time he finally makes sense of it.

Today we're back to my regular ID account, as opposed to the test account I'm using for import tests. Older ID comments are currently gone, gone, gone, but they might reappear at some point in the next day or two (no telling) if Jon does a restore for me. I'll probably bounce back and forth a few more times, though I might hold off until the weekend to do so. Haven't decided.

What that means is...comment if you want, but it might again disappear into the ether.

That is all.