19 November 2007

My idiot boss

My boss apparently doesn't understand the concept of a test site. She also doesn't understand that I don't work in operations. She sent an email on Sunday about a problem one of her friends had with the site, which I promptly addressed and resolved on Monday morning. Bug found, new release pushed to the test server. All done.

Then came the whining.

Idiot Boss *Sigh* I'm out there working all the time. I was trying to sell advertising for the site. It's got to be up all the time.
CoyoteSqrl It's a test site. It's up solely for your friends to hit, and then provide us feedback on features. Which, by the way, they never do.
IB Well, you got some feedback. They couldn't use it.
CS Actually, your friend just couldn't register. The site was still available for anonymous browsing. And, you'll note, the bug's been fixed.
IB Well, I can't have the site be down like that. All of you need to come up with a plan so we can monitor the site 24/7.
CS So this is no longer a test site? Because this prototype has never been properly tested, there are no backup plans in place, there's no dedicated error logging built in...
IB *Sigh* Fine. Then I just won't sell until we're in production.

I exaggerate the above conversation. First off, she comes off as much less insane here. I could let her go on and on about how hard she works, how she never takes even a moment off. I could let her go on about how a spelling-challenged former VP told her all about the conspiracy to force UHC down the unsuspecting throats of Americans, only to tell doctors to change their specialties. I could let her go on about...whatever inanity is important to her today.

Secondly, this was a much longer conversation, involving several other people. Some of them also attempted to point out the flaws in her reasoning. She's not bright enough to pick those up.

I am regularly impressed that people as stupid as she are capable of tying their own shoes, let alone walking, talking, and not drooling.

All praise the PHX software scene!!!