19 April 2008

TV Critic Follies

Why do I like Sepinwall? Well, for one he's a damn fine critic who has similar tastes to mine. For two, he wouldn't make an ignorant mistake like this one from Mary McNamara of the LA Times from this piece about the end of HBO's John Adams.

George Washington (David Morse) so quickly tired of the infighting among his Cabinet and vagaries of public opinion that he stepped down from the presidency after a single term. "I know now what it is like to be disliked," he says to Adams, his perpetually disliked vice president (emphasis mine).
I mean, I know she just has to cover TV, but didn't she go to school at some point? Oh, wait. She's probably a product of the California public school system. Post Prop 13. I've met those people. Hell, a young enough person who'd gotten a California education would be hard pressed to name the first and second US Presidents, so I should be impressed McNamara got some of this right.