08 June 2006

Hulk Smash!!!

Phew! It is explained. I'm just crazy. Oh, wait, not crazy...they don't like that. We'll call it intermittent explosive disorder (IED). At least there are treatments. They can give me soma, or we can try psychotherapy, "to deconstruct the root causes of [my] anger". It probably won't help that the root cause is a mealy-mouthed fuckwit who, after graduating med school, realized (s)he couldn't cut it as a real doctor and became a psychiatrist.

That's the solution. Inane chatter and drugs. No wonder the DSM-IV is such a worthless joke.

Maybe, if people could...

  • Do their jobs with a modicum of skill

  • Perform said tasks with some attention to detail and concern for quality

  • Worry a little more about reputation and a little less about the bottom line

  • Learn to drive their FUCKING cars or get over to the right

  • Stop, generally, being tools
there'd be less cause for anger in general.