29 June 2006

Me v. Planet Earth

Just bought a new car. Fast like cheetah, green like Republican. The old car wasn't that bad, really, around 20 miles to the gallon around town. This one's more like 16. And that kills me. I'm a moderately green person - I don't heat, try to limit the air conditioning to the monsoon season (and almost never turned it on before moving to PHX), and really try not to pollute. So why don't I drive a Prius or ride a Vespa?

Unfortunately, I've got competing needs that weigh against one another. On the one hand, I want to be as efficient as possible. On the other, I want to go fast. And I don't like roofs. And I'm a snob. So, as soon as Martin Eberard gets his Tesla Roadster street-legal, or Ian Wright of Wrightspeed can sell the X1 to the masses, the scales will seriously tip. For now, I'm looking into buying carbon credits, which feels like so much grĂ¼ne Schuld.

Of course, when absolution can cost just $50 a year, (or I can help build windfarms or go completely carbon neutral) maybe I should do my very, very, very small part.