09 June 2006

This summer, I wish I were still in Connecticut

Out here in the desert, there's really not much to think about politically. I'll be voting for Not-Kyl because, well, Johnny K. makes Ann Coulter look reasonable. There'll be a sign in the front yard, and maybe some half-hearted campaigning. It's not like I really expect this exurb of Birchers and dittoheads to be swayed. We have great weather here, at least.

However, things are heating up back home. It looks like finally, someone's testicles have dropped enough to challenge the Nutmeg state's junior, Republican-light senator. Joe's been a thorn in my side most of my life - first as a mediocre AG and then as the Merlin of the Democratic party. I have never gotten over the shock of him beating personal hero Lowell Weicker in '88. And yes, that would be the only Republican for whom I've ever voted. And based on the shriveled remains of the Rockefeller wing of the party, probably the last for whom I'll ever vote.


Animal said...

OHMIGOD!!! YOU voted Rep, Rep, Oh hell, I can't even say it! Must be one hell of a guy/

R.A. Porter said...

He is a hell of a guy. Amongst his many great qualities, he's the only Republican who voted to impeach Nixon.

Brian B. said...

I gotta stop reading your blogs, they make me respond.
OK, I am apparently once again in need of edumacatin' as I absolutely hated Weickers fat guts and still have no use for him.
Now, what did he ever do besides the Nixon thing and shoving a tax blast up Nutmegger's asses, which I do not at all believe helped the state.
I have no ego... Do your worst...

R.A. Porter said...

Nah. Discussion is good. Especially when people are on opposite sides of the aisle but can remain friends.

Weicker was a (wait for it...) liberal Republican - in the great tradition of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Nelson Rockefeller - so it should come as no surprise that I was (and am still) a fan. Socially, his votes lined up with my thinking and he was willing to take politically risky positions that were morally correct. Hence his position on Watergate and strong-arm tactics to enact a state income tax.

I'm aware that many people (yourself included) oppose taxes in general, income taxes in particular, but with a state-wide debt hovering just under $1B, there wasn't much wiggle room. Me, personally, I favor tossing out sales taxes and bumping up income taxes, but that's my progressive bent.