04 June 2006

Let's Go Mavs! Let's Go Mavs!

Beating the Heat would (hopefully) finally legitimize small-ball to some of the holdouts. They're going to throw Damp's six fouls at Sgt. Hulka, but I really hope Avery tries to run the leviathan off the court. Of course, I'd have been MUCH happier had the Suns been able to pull it off and let me see the finals in person, but as long as it's not two defensive grinders out there, we should be in for a decent matchup.

Before the game, I made the obligatory "Bavetta will be there" comment. This is his kind of game. So, no shock when I spotted him doing his Rockettes warm-up routine. I'd like to say he was following his dark master's marching orders, but he seemed to call this one straight up. That's the problem with Dick. When he's just doing his job, he's a decent ref. But you never can be sure...