12 June 2008

Bee Eee Who?

You know, you hang out here for a time and you might forget my job isn't posting silly videos, trailers for upcoming movies, and my little attempts at writin'. Until I get my big break and land a job as a staff writer on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, I'm still a software engineer.

Once upon a time, I used to write real software. Now, in the Valley of the Old, not so much. In fact, I've been spending the last day or two in a PHP environment. You can't get much further from real software than PHP. What an abortion of a language and deployment platform that is. But back in the day, I wrote the real stuff. And I cut my teeth at WebLogic, back when it was Bob and Paul running the show and purple shirts were a job requirement.

Considering I didn't stay around long, I still made a pretty penny when BEA bought WL. Then I watched from afar as everyone fought to make it to full vesting before abandoning ship.

The Oracle/BEA deal is closed and Oracle's announced the products that survive and their branding. And here's Bob's take:

With this widely expected move crowning WebLogic Application Server as Oracle’s go-forward appserver product, while “continuing to support” (shorthand for “silently kill”; see “PeopleSoft” and “Seibel”) every other revenue-generating product, Oracle tells us what we already knew from its last 8 years of near-stagnant revenue numbers : BEA couldn’t develop a product from scratch to save its life (literally).


sme said...

Do you like the Old 97's? Did you see this.....