12 June 2008

The Texas 'Six' Step

There's video above, FeedReader

Yesterday, someone commenting on last week's BSG thread at Sepinwall's blog posted a link to the Old 97s video above. Then a little while ago, friend-of-the-blog Sarah sent me another link to it. I figured the world wanted...

  • ...me to watch it several times - ✓
  • ...me to become an Old 97s fan - ✓
  • ...me to link the damn video for y'all - ✓
Now, I've got to download me some of their albums.


sme said...


I highly recommend the songs, "niteclub" and "timebomb." They're my favs.

NotNits said...

Effing. Awesome.

I guess I should say "fracking awesome" or something... I am dimly aware of BSG. But not comfortable enough to use its lingo. So this will have to do.