06 June 2008

Charlie Jade recap

My recap of the Charlie Jade pilot is up at Pop Critics.

Check it out if you caught the show. If you did *not* watch Charlie Jade, check the SciFi website for a replay. You'll thank me.


Anonymous said...

Um, tried to do what you suggested and I can't find a replay on SciFi.com. Is it really there and I just can't find it?

R.A. Porter said...

Damn. No episodes on SciFi, Hulu, or Joost. You might be able to find it on 56.com (if it weren't shut down right now) and I did find the pilot on youku.

But that site is interminably slow and for all I know the episode is blocked. I say "for all I know" because it's *still* loading.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'd like to check out the show, but it seems the pilot might be kind of important.