14 June 2008

Trying out Disqus Comments

Okay. Same as last time, but not. After a long-ish beta tryout of ID last fall and winter, I gave up and went back to Blogger comments. A big part of the reason I'd gone back was the addition of the ability to subscribe to the comments on a post through email. That's a nice, big piece.

But I still missed the voting, threaded comments, and more community/social aspects of the commenting system.

Pop Critics recently switched over to Disqus and I've been watching that for a week now. It's actually missing a feature I'd like, but it has a lot of nice ones to almost make up for that. After interacting with it as a user, I decided I liked it well enough to give it a trial run here.

So, let me know what you think. Worth it, not worth it?

And yes. I know. There aren't that many comments around here. But I blame all y'all for that. ;)