26 November 2008

Disney-ABC Fellowship FAIL

Well, hey. Awesome day. The saved Google search I've had running, looking for someone's mention of the Disney-ABC Writing Fellowship hit paydirt yesterday. The emails went out last week to the semi-finalists; the phone interviews were this past Friday and Monday. Insofar as I learned this last night, as the result of my saved search, you can correctly conclude I did not get an email. I did not get a phone call.

No real surprise. Why on Earth should I have *anything* to be thankful for.

I spec'd Pushing Daisies for the fellowship, figuring even if the show would be canceled this season, I could nail that spec and have my best possible chance of at least getting to the semi-finalist stage. Really wanted a sense that I'm improving year-over-year that feedback like that would clearly provide. But I didn't. And Pushing Daisies has been canceled.

So now I'm sitting on a spec - the best I was able to create - that I can't even try sending out to get representation, because the show be dead. Yay, me. Back to the drawing board.

Anyway, if you're curious how hard I suck, here it is.
There's Flash below, FeedReader
PUSHING DAISIES: "Pushing Daffodils"


Anonymous said...

Bummer on the fellowship, it read good.

Btw, kickass app there (IPAPER) to showcase it

R.A. Porter said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I think it was on John Rogers' blog I first saw ipaper. It's quite slick. For short stuff I prefer scrippets, but it's nice to be able to just export a PDF and upload.

Michael Brownlee said...

Sorry you didn't get the fellowship. It's a good script. Get back on the horse though. We need someone to make it so we can then show the Suits what idiots they were for canceling Daisies.