05 November 2008

Friday Night Sketch War: Trick of Treat Edition

Again, I've *got* to pick up the pace with these wrapups. Soon, I'll be posting them five minutes before sticking up my last-minute entries for the following week. But it's here, so let's take a look-see.

Again we asked our legion of fans to leave comments on our sites with theme suggestions for this week. Again our legion of fans let us down. We'd be upset, but we do so love you. So our mothers *will* be continuing to pay your mothers to be nice to us for at least one more week. So this week's theme, in honor of the mood of the day, is reconciliation.

If you want to play along, write a sketch and send a link to it to sketchwar at dreamloom.com. And be sure to come back on Friday for fun, fun fun.