29 November 2008

Friday Night Sketch War: Oprah Edition

Yours truly - like many before him - fell under the spell of one Ms. Oprah Gail Winfrey's hypnotic powers. I thought to myself did I, "oh, Oprah would make a great theme for Sketch War. So many topics. So many sketch ideas. This will be great!" She's ephemeral. Like a ghost, or Duke Nukem Forever, just when you think you've got a firm grasp on her she disappears.

We all struggled this week and weren't able to bring our usual B-games. Still, there are a few chuckles to be had. Next week, in what is hopefully an easier topic, Peter's selected learning something new about history.

If you want to play along, write a sketch and send a link to it to sketchwar at dreamloom.com. And be sure to come back next Friday when we're hoping to have a few new competitors.


NotNits said...

I am awful, and awful busy. This is why I have missed the last several weeks' worth of sketches, and why I haven't even set aside the time to read anyone else's entries yet. (I hope to get caught up on that at least.)

But I love the "learning something new about history" topic. Yeah... That could be fun.

R.A. Porter said...

You're not awful. But that awfully busy bit...sorry about that. Hope you get your head above water soon. We miss your sketches.

And, you know, it sucks to be swamped.