11 February 2009

Ask Mr. Wizard Wednesday

You know what today is? That's right!

Questions about me, advice for the lovelorn, software questions,writing questions, questions about the annual cinnamon harvest inSumatra...ask 'em and I'll answer 'em. I make no guarantees of thequality, veracity, or utility of the answers, but you'll get*something* either useful or funny.

Ask your questions in comments and I'll be posting your answers throughthe following days. This will keep you coming back and keep me moreactively engaged over here. See? We *all* win.


2old4this said...

I was gonna ask you about dieting, but with the stimulus vote, I'll ask a tough one instead.

If you knew that inflation was going to jump to double digits within a couple of years, how would you prepare for it?
Assuming no layoffs or major life changes unrelated to the economy.

I'm a financial idiot, so I wouldn't even know where to begin.